The benefits of guided tours Israel

The benefits of guided tours Israel

A trip to Israel is a dream of many people, some from a religious background, but not necessarily. This tiny country, an outstanding piece of land and people in the heart of the Middle East, a presentation of mostly Western culture and way of life in a highly untypical location. Plus to this fact, which is fascinating as it is, guided tours Israel are allowing to see the most known religious sites, but not only.

The special traits of Israel

The history of this tiny country is fascinating, considering that it was habituated by various nations (most of them literally extinct as for today) – and each left different marks. Having an experienced and well-informed guide such as Shimon Zemer will allow you to enjoy the many faces of this special country. Whether you decide to engage in the urban way of life in Israel, or see as much historical locations as possible, or just to enjoy the variety of landscapes – Shimon Zemer is at your service at all times.

The benefits of an experienced guide

Although Israel is mostly western country as was stated before, there are some technicalities to be addressed in terms of travelling and enjoying the unique atmosphere and unforgettable locations that can be found only after a long familiarity and deep love for this country. The private guide Shimon Zemer provide the best guided tours Israel, offered with an open love and pure desire to present the most special spots in Israel, specifically those that aren’t have as much buzz as the obvious and most famous (and sometimes infamous) locations

Acquiring raspberry pi fast and without any hustle

Acquiring raspberry pi fast and without any hustle

These days, computer became something accessible to most of us. The days when this machine costed over a monthly salary of a simple worker is long gone. Yet, the experts who created the initiative that is Raspberry Pi-2 were worried that many young people didn’t have access to the basics of computing base. The uniqueness of this development is that it has all the basic components of a computer. The only addition needed in order to operate it is a flash drive to serve as a memory.

The various uses of this mini-computer

Despite the fact that most of the people are switching to tablets and other mobile devices these days, those who are taking programming and computer sciences seriously knows that if you want to get a hold of the real essence of computing – you have to go for the real deal. And for such a sweet price as the initiative provided (around 30$ flat price only!) it’s more than acceptable to buy such a “toy” even for an adolescent in order to work on his creational skills.

The point behind the one-board computer

The main idea behind the development of Raspberry Pi was to bring the art of computing to everywhere in the world. And considering the growing spread of the deliveries of this product world-wide – the idea had paid itself very well.

Leon Electronics is providing the best computing products for both private, business and professional use. Having the largest variety of electronics, this shop can provide you with anything you might need to equip yourself.

The entertainment of the 21st century: escape games

The entertainment of the 21st century: escape games

Sometimes it feels like you can’t invent anything new these days. But somehow the entertainment industry keeps finding ways of reinventing itself and creates more and more creative ways of keeping people interested. The new trend these days are escape games live quest, or escape rooms. These are complex buildings composed of few rooms or one, when the idea is that people are playing a real-life game. After everybody had gone to the virtual reality of video-gaming, seems like many of us still want to feel the real thrill.

On what occasions can you visit this kind of spots?

Many people go to escape games as part of their leisure. Some are engaging in the game as part of a Birthday party or Bachelor’s party. Some do it with friends, while other prefers to team up with their significant other. Some games are just about solving riddles and finding clues. Some are scarier. The beauty of these type of gaming is that you never know what are you getting into.

The future of this new industry

There more and more play rooms of this kind popping all around Israel, all trying to deliver unique concept and unforgettable experience. It’ll probably soon develop into new genres and crossover types of games. The only things one can be sure of is that the gaming industry is extremely creative and crosses all platforms – real or virtual.

Live quest is a perfect example of escape room created for entertaining, challenging and thrilling their guests. Fill the contact form now to book your own game.

The importance of hiring the right wedding photographer

The importance of hiring the right wedding photographer

Planning a wedding is a hard work. And it don’t really matter where you host the event, it always still a lot of logistics, many professionals involved and sometimes contradicting each other. And sometimes there are so many things that need to be done, that the bride and the groom have almost no recollection of the event. That’s why wedding photographer are so vital. He’s providing the most precious proof that this wonderful and stressful day had actually happened.

The mission of the photographer
Taking pictures became much easier these days on the technical level. But the real essence of the profession is in capturing the moment and the real personalities. Although the camera is shooting the pictures, the eye of the wedding photographer is actually capturing the moments in their most appealing way. Some people notice that they look differently in pictures taken by various photographers. The reason is the simplest fact that each photographer sees things differently and captures them accordingly. So the main mission of any photographer is to see eye in eye with the bride, the groom and the families. This is the guarantee the most suitable photographs

How would you define a great wedding photographer?
The best way to define a photographer is by the following:

  1. Great portfolio
  2. Warm and caring approach to clients

And remember, you need both! Looking for the best wedding photographer for your wedding in Israel? Nathan Weill sees his mission in capturing the most meaningful moments in people’s life. Working with him you’ll have the perfect wedding photo album!




Sewage sludge is often used as fertilizer for the purpose of granting the different types of plant the necessary nourishments they need in order to grow better, faster and stronger. For agricultural purposes they are used very often and help farmers speed up the process of harvesting fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The treatment that sewage sludge goes through eliminates any kind of pathogens from it which are different types of organisms like viruses, bacteria and parasites that can be found in it which can cause different diseases amongst plants and humans. This part of the process is very important and is closely supervised.

The sludge is cleaned up to the point that it is used as a productive solid in farms and it stimulates the growth process of the plants.

A big advantage of using sludge as a fertilizer lies in the fact that instead of dumping it in an landfill which takes up valuable space and also contaminates the soil’ it is used as a valuable sources in the farming industry.

Another advantage is that the need for inorganic fertilizers drops significantly. We use our own waste that derives from water treatment plants and the sewage wastes, process it and create a valuable farming material out of it, meanwhile we help the environment and improve its quality.

Using sludge as a compost and fertilizer for plants all around the world is a great way to help preserve the planet, improve the quality of our environment and supply farms with a valuable material to grow healthy and durable plants.

bat mitzvah in jerusalem

bat mitzvah in jerusalem


Celebrating a bat mitzvah in Jerusalem is a real special way to have a party for every jewish guy. If the city of jerusalem is important for you and you just want to celebrate in a beautiful and holy place your daughters bat mitzvah, then this is probably the best place.


Jerusalem doesn’t only consist of holy places to visit. In that city you might find a lot of beautiful places to have party in, without any relation to the jewish culture or religion. after all we’re pretty sure that you guys just want to celebrate in a beautiful place with meaning for the jewish people.

bat mitzvah in jerusalem - Elrom Events

The city of Jerusalem will answer the question of its holiness, while the question of the nature and beautiful places would be answered by the spectacular views Jerusalem has to offer. If you’re not sure yet about having a bat mitzvah in Jerusalem, we recommend you to have a visit in that special city and consider your decision more carefully, because we believe that no other place in the world is as special as Jerusalem.


If you need help from a company that specialise in organising bat mitzvah in Jerusalem, we recommend on contacting Elrom Event Productions. Elrom is an event production company which has many years of experience in the field of bar and bat mitzvahs, so if you’re planning to celebrate one for your child, look no further.



A decorator (decoration) is professional interior designer that can make your vision of your home arrangement into reality and moreover. They are experienced and knowledgeable about picking and matching different types of textures, colors and fabrics to make your home a dream home.

All decorators have different styles and their own opinions and suggestions which they often convey to their customers in order to help them to be satisfied with the end result. That’s why you ought to express all your wants and needs out of your home- those professionals can only help you figure out how you want your home to look and help you achieve that. Also, it is often important for you to share intimate details with your interior designer, after all, your home is one of the most intimate and private places in your life, therefore it should matter greatly to you to make it the calmest, soothing and happy place there is.

It is important that your personal taste will come through the decoration of your home. Don’t depend on the designer to do whatever you fill like- use their experience to learn about all of the options you got and which ideas you should go for and which ones are pointless- let them guide you, not lead you.

There are a lot of obvious reasons for why you should hire an interior designer that much is clear and their assistance will befit you to have your vision come to reality- communication is the key to a successful work with a decorator.

promotional giveaways san francisco

promotional giveaways san francisco


San francisco is maybe one of the best places in the world for giveaways. because that you can find in that place some many events and parties and promotional events, it makes the life much easier for those who are interested in getting products as a giveaway.


You could find those promotional giveaways all over san francisco during all year. The reason for that is that the promotional events take part during all year long. But when you participate in such event of giveaways, we recommend you to make sure that you participate in the right event for you. Event that actually give those promotional giveaways that you like.


You should be aware that many people have been participated in such events, but within some minutes, after they discovered what they’re going to get as a giveaway, they were very disappointed and because of that of of their event experience was totally ruined. even more than that, you should be aware that if you’re willing to enjoy such an event to its fullest, the best solution would be checking ahead about the giveaways in the event.


In conclusion, the best way to enjoy a giveaway events in promotional giveaways san francisco is just by getting the right giveaway, the one we really except. therefore, you should just check before the event, and do your homework. that’s how you’ll find yourself in the best events in term of giveaways. Trust me, you will really enjoy the benefits of participating in such events.